19-23 feb, 2018

In general, we did nothing special this week, just normal school and gym work.

Monday 19, 2018:
Arbor Academy
Creative writing
Manipulative math

Odysseus in the car
RSM math homework

Tuesday 20, 2018
Morning gym class
mathnasium in the evening
odysseus in the car + odysseus movie at home

Wednesday 21, 2018
Irvine Enrisment Academy
Social Studies

Math: Word problem of the week in the car. She usually has anough time to do 5-6 problems

Thursday 22, 2018
Art calss
Morning Gym
RSM in the afternonn
Oddyseus in the car on the way to RSM
russian 8 детей и грузовик reading on the way home from RSM

Friday 23, 2018
Field trip to the Rain Forest Caffe
Odysseus in the car, movie Odysseus at home. Done with his Journey.

she drew during free time

Feb 12-16, 2018

Feb 12, Monday
Arbor Academy: language and math
RSM math homework
Odysseus story
We put the moong beans in the jar, added water and will wait for the sprouts.
Весна прорастает:)#evaschooling science.

Feb 13, Tuesday
Science: rain and pressure experiment
#evaschooling science writing

After the rain we left the cup and when the water inside cooled down, we could saw how the pressure changed in our closed system. The colder the water, the less pressure.
Вода остыла, давление в нашей системе упало.

We finished the 1st book of Odysseus journey. She wrote about it.
#evaschooling reading and writing

She made heart project:
colored cardboard hearts
decorated them using acrilic threads
decorated hearts with clay and stickers

Feb 14, Wednesday
Math: multiplication practice
#evaschooling math in the car before going to classes.She is almost done with her multiplication, I guess. Need to move forward... Two digits in plan.

Geometrical drawing
От простого к. Интернет нам в помощь:)Как этот вид искусства назвать в гугле? Graph paper patterns?

Reading Odysseus book 2.

Feb 15, Thursday
Art class in the morning
Ева в кружке:)

They learn some spanish words during art class

Geography: project based learning
#evaschooling geography project based.

Feb 16, Friday
Field trip to IFly
Готовы летать!

First they had learning activity in class: discussing aerodynamics and making and launching paper planes.
Then they had two tries of flying.

Reading comprehension
Reading sample #evaschooling

february days 8-11

February 8, 2018 Thursday
Art cass clay
morning gym
RSM math class
Listening and reading Journey of Odysseus book by Mary Pope Osborne.

Social Studies: building blocks with castle design. Eva built a castle trying to recreate the environment like the wall, the gate, the moat.
#evaschooling playing building creating...

Science: Playing with magnetic constructor
Спать кроме меня никому не надо.И вообще она планирует завтра утром играть дома, вместо поездки куда бы то ни было... Ок. Good idea:)

Feb 9, 2018 Friday
RSM homework Kangaroo and math magic square problems.
read and listen to the Odysseus book

Feb 10, 2018 Saturday
movie night

Feb 11, 2018 Sunday
T&T competition
Вот она, радостная:)На мой телефон делала селфи:) с большой фантазией;)

tue, wed feb 6, 7 2018

Tuesday highlights
geometry for breakfast
morning gym
mathnasium in the evening
handwriting class

Wednesday highlights
Irvine Academy for Social Studies and Science
Geography: model of lagoon using clay
#evaschooling making a lagoon. Geography I guess:)

math: word problems, property of adding practice.

language: studying the book "palindromania"
reading: the book about The Beatles

russian reading: сказки Дональда Биссета

в среду встречались с учителем новым. официально она просила принести все работы за последнее время. Принесли. Она забрала пару листиков "подшить в дело" по матем и языку, сказала, что все, что есть можно будет использовать для дальнейшего отчета, тока поставить надо будет нужную дату.
У меня сложилось такое впечатление, что если сейчас мы с Евой перестанем что либо делать и просто будем гулять и ничем не заниматься, ее работ до конца учебного года хватит;)))
в шутку сообщила об этом Еве. В ответ, Ева мне сказала:
- о, нет! как я буду жить!? ну не то чтобы голодная буду, но как?
в общем, этот ребенок выразил свое отношение к занятиям в таком виде, так что будем продолжать как делали;) раз это устраивает официальную систему на сегодняшний день.

feb 2, 2018

went to the ocean
studied tides and tide pools.

made a little house under the bush, created a collection of rocks and shells.

when it was low tides, Eva studied barnacles, saw couple little fishes in the tide pool, explored hermit crabs.

wrote a little poem "what's in the tree"
listening to Gilbert O'Sullivan songs in the car.

math: properties of additing

Jan 25th, 2018 Friday

At home did latitude and longitude study and practice with map the absolute coordinates.
Good morning #evaschooling

After We went out to have breakfast.
Studied in the cafeteria down the hill.
Practiced math from Tiger math book.

Wrote retelling of the article from National Geographic kids magazine.
Did fill in the blanks text from the mentioned magazine.
Collapse )

wed Jan 24th, 2018

Irvine Enrichment Academy
social studies
science: rocks

they had spelling bee today. 2 grade and older. Eva was eager to participate, so I let her do the spelling of all the words on my phone.
Here is the list:
Middle school

Elementary school 2-5 grades

The words have mistakes, Eva spelled them like this.
So, I'm going to use those words in our words of the week list.