Nargiza (nargizzza) wrote,

highlights of this week March 12... 2018

Math: started new chapter at Mathnasuim (fraction, multiplication, division, 3 digits numbers). Nothing critically new, but good, 'cos she gets more accurate doing problems. It helps in general, 'cos homework of RSM the equations and arithmetics problems she does correctly and faster than before.

Language: We've done the Oddyseus journey, she wrote the "book report".
Now reading and listening Pippi.

Space science: what if the Earth stopped spinning?
what if the Earth got twice as big?

plan: black hole.

weather science plan: clouds, while they are still could be seen.

Social Studies... no clue....
10 years ago we came to US... maybe keep reading about people coming to us long ago? She knows about Mayflower and pillgrims... going father?
Tags: 1 grade, eva_homeschool, дневник
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