Nargiza (nargizzza) wrote,

19-23 feb, 2018

In general, we did nothing special this week, just normal school and gym work.

Monday 19, 2018:
Arbor Academy
Creative writing
Manipulative math

Odysseus in the car
RSM math homework

Tuesday 20, 2018
Morning gym class
mathnasium in the evening
odysseus in the car + odysseus movie at home

Wednesday 21, 2018
Irvine Enrisment Academy
Social Studies

Math: Word problem of the week in the car. She usually has anough time to do 5-6 problems

Thursday 22, 2018
Art calss
Morning Gym
RSM in the afternonn
Oddyseus in the car on the way to RSM
russian 8 детей и грузовик reading on the way home from RSM

Friday 23, 2018
Field trip to the Rain Forest Caffe
Odysseus in the car, movie Odysseus at home. Done with his Journey.

she drew during free time
Tags: 1 grade, eva_homeschool, дневник
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